Announcing the Mafia Pigs Alpha Program: Starting November 1st!

Today we’re super excited to announce our first digital game: Mafia Pigs. Enter a dynamic world of stealth, heists and dirty deeds in order to save your friends from the big bad boss. Team up with up to four other players or play single player and succeed using a combination of stealth, persuasion and, when all else fails, combat. 

The game is a 2D top down action stealth game and the Alpha version will be available for Mac and PC via Steam from the 1st of November. 

You’ll need to bring your best skills to the table. Otherwise you’ll find out why mafia boss Boris’ middle name is “The Baconator”!

The Alpha version will be available from the 1st of November on Mac and PC with regular updates via Steam. See you in the animal world!

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Ex-CEO of 3scale, Timewarper and occasional game designer.

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