Wrapping up the Mafia Pigs first Alpha: Happy Holidays!

My, how time flies! It seems just like yesterday that we launched the first Mafia Pigs Alpha test in November! Thank you to everyone for the truly awesome feedback :-).

100s of people tried the game and gave a ton of valuable feedback. Thank you SO MUCH! Our Mafia snowman wishes you many gifts!

The public Alpha program first phase is now closed. However you can join the ongoing private Alpha still by joining our discord:

There’ll be exclusive info and perks over time for private Alpha testers! There’ll be plenty of updates in January and some exciting news on our release schedule.

Based on all the feedback so far, the team is busy updating the game and we’re launching an update at least every week now. A number of key changes from the feedback are in the updates we already pushed out:

  • Easier level 1 so you can learn the ropes early on.
  • Removal of a lot of annoying bugs from mission end screens not showing properly to working wine & beer dispensers.
  • Big updates to the multiplayer networking for a much smoother experience.

We’ve also added some major new updates including new lighting which makes everything much more atmospheric:

… and a new game mode called “Heist Royale” in which you can can play competitively against your friends. This mode is still highly experimental but you can try it by selecting “multiplayer” from the main menu and then the “Heist Royale” map:

Wishing everyone a great holiday break and Mafia Pigs will be back with avengeance in January!

Happy Holidays from the Timewarp Team!

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