Fasten your Seatbelts: We’re headed to Steam Next Fest / Feb 2023!!!

Everyone get their rubber pants on, and earplugs secure because the flight is already in the air: Mafia Pigs is on its way to Steam Next Fest, Feb 2023 Edition!!!

Next Fest is one of the world’s greatest showcases for Indie games (thank you, Steam!), and it’s a daunting challenge for us to participate in. We’re signed up. All the app approval processes are next!

What is Mafia Pigs? Imagine a Battle Royale that switched out killing each other to pulling off a Heist instead. Add in cartoon fun, kooky powerups, and the ability to inflict all sorts of mischief on your fellow players as you all try to take the big prize. That. 🙂

There is a ton to learn, and we hope we’ll be able to create a unique experience for players. There’s no doubt that MafiaPigs is quite early in its life to be going to such a BIG PARTY, but the feedback will be something that help the game grow no matter what happens! Here are the places to follow:

NextFest runs from February 6thFebruary 13th. Wishlist us to get notified when the demo goes live or, even better, come to the game discord and get an early key. Your comments can still help make the game better before the event. Plus, you’ll get the jump on your friends!

We hope you join us for the journey, which we’re planning to document as much as we can! We’ll be posting here, on social media, and on our new Twitch channel. We’ll use #road2nextfest for all those posts.

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