The First Mafia Pigs Live Play Tournament!

We’re celebrating the awesome fact that Mafia Pigs will have a demo at this February’s Steam NextFest in the most special way: in parallel with the event, we’re organizing the first-ever Mafia Pigs live play tournament with prizes of up to $100 in Steam Gift Cards! Woot!

In the meantime read the summary below to time out how the tournament works!

Download the demo, get familiar with the game, and then you’ll be able to join the free tournament with finals during NextFest. There are prizes and glory up for grabs. Signup is via our DISCORD, so get yourself over there and into the #tournament channel for details.

Yes, you read right. Your stealth skills, sneakiness, and the occasional well-timed bit of cartoon violence can win you prizes to take away!

What you need enter:

  • Head to the discord to get participation instructions and notifications
  • When Steam next Fest starts on the 6th of February, download a free copy of the Mafia Pigs demo (available for PC and Mac) and check out the game.
  • Enter the competition via the form in the discord.
  • Be online for the Grand Final of your choice (European servers or United States servers) on Saturday 11th of February.

There will also be practice events and advice throughout the week. The precise timing of all sessions and full rules will be posted shortly.

How to win

The Mafia boss of the game’s biggest city is offering a reward to the most successful mafia operatives … Beat the city’s biggest criminal challenge: looting the city’s underground treasure vaults!

All you need to do is break in steal what you can carry, and especially the famous Golden Acorn, which is worth almost as much as all of the rest of the treasure combined!

Each server final will proceed as follows:

  • A series of elimination heats each with up to 4 players, if required, to reduce the number of players to 8. The top two players in a heat progress to the next round.
  • Semi-finals: the top 8 players from the heats will compete in two elimination matches. The top two players in a semi-final progress to the grand final.
  • Grand final: a best-of-three series of matches between up to 4 players. 4 points are scored for a win, 2 for second place, and 1 for third place. 4th place receives zero points in this that round. The winner is the player with the highest number of victory points. In the case of a tie, the cumulative game score will be used to break the tie.

Please note that these arrangements are indicative only and may be changed by the organizing committee right up to the start of the finals event if need be.

Use stealth, cunning and a bit of judicious violence to get to the end goal!


The Mafia Pigs tournament is a bit of fun but … who wouldn’t want real prizes? So, of course, there are real prizes:

  • Overall winner: Two $50 Steam Gift Cards (total $100), a custom in game avatar for the release version of mafia pigs.
  • Second place overall: One $50 Steam Gift Cards, a custom in game avatar for the release version of mafia pigs.
  • All qualifiers of the final best of three match in each region (up to 4 players in each server final, 8 in total): One $20 Steam gift card.

Prizes in each server final will be announced after the completion of the server final. The overall winner will be announced after the completion of both server finals.

Competition Timing

The competition will be held as a set of elimination matches held on the 11th of February, 2023.

  • European & USA servers: 4-7pm CET (Brussels time), 10am-1pm Eastern Standard Time (EST / New York Time)

Friendly competition

The tournament is based on skill at the Mafia Pigs game. Each round of the contest will be held in competition with other players connected to the same server. The winner is the player with the highest score at the end of the game. Judges’ rulings are final in the case of game outages, issues or irregularities.

The judges also reserve the right to award no prizes if insufficient good-faith players participate in a match.


Full event rules are available here.

Sign Up

Join the game discord for signup information. Or sign-up via the webform and we’ll communicate information to you by email.


  • There is no cost to participation.
  • Participants must be over 18 at the time & date of the tournament to compete.
  • To receive a prize, winners must live in a country in which a United States based company can legally issue such a prize.
  • You may enter the competition even if you are not physically located in the United States or in Europe. However the negative effects of latency may be increased if this is the case.

Start Practicing!

To get involved in the event, join the #tournament channel on the game DISCORD. Information about the event will be shared there.

On February 6th grab yourself a copy of Mafia Pigs and learn the ropes!


  • Tue 7th Feb: Updated this page to reflect the fact that matches will not be up to 6 players, but only up to 4 players.
  • Wed 8th Feb: Added offical rules and signup information.
  • Thur 9th Feb: Adjust to simplify the tournament to one block of time rather than two.

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