Demos we’re looking forward to at Steam Next Fest – Part 3!

Less than 24hrs to go!! Steam NextFest is now just around the corner, and the whole MafiaPigs team is jumping up and down with excitement (and, well, some bug fixing!!). The demo will be live tomorrow!

We’ve also been tracking the coolest demos we’ve seen dropping on Twitter and elsewhere! This is part three of our series on what we’re most excited about! Part I and Part II are also great to check out, but now we’re closer, we can round out the top thirty with more games that have dropped!

Here are today’s 10 nominations (in no particular order). Those games that have a demo that is already live called out as such. Enjoy!

  • Mika and the Witch’s Mountain: Zelda vibes, a witch on a flying broom, delivering goodies. All hard to argue with; this looks like a breakout hit on the cuteness scale and some really fun gameplay!
  • Valfaris: Mecha Therion: a follow-up to Valfaris from 2019, continuing the same neon-infused 2.5 side-scrolling pixel art combat game. Also, don’t forget the Heavy Metal sound track!
  • Meatgrinder: An infinite runner meets an FPS and makes pretty much every form of transport (trains, cars, planes…) unsafe! More metal soundtrack vibes! (Some advice, play Mika and the Witch’s mountain in between to calm down!)
  • Slopecrashers: already one of the big winners on social media. Cute animals racing down high-speed tracks on frying pans and other household objects. What’s not to like?! Multiplayer online mode should be fun!
  • Ravenbound: beautiful looking 3D rougelike action-adventure game. Scandinavian folklore vibes lend this an epic air. Great trailer!
  • No Son of Mine: hold onto a teddy bear (or something) for this one. A first-person horror game. Unravel the mystery before you lose your lunch, breakfast, and dinner!
  • Planet of Lana: a beautiful looking 2D adventure and exploration game with wonderful looking graphics and story design. Secretly made by Disney (ok, maybe not).
  • Sons of Valhalla: raiders take your love interest, and it’s time to base-build and fight your way back to Norse happiness. The pixel art and side-scrolling combat look awesome.
  • Splitown: point and click fun, with a distinctive pixel-art style. The 1990s want their video game back! Seriously though, the story and premise of a very divided cold war world with lots of plots to uncover look great.
  • Broken Arrow: a very slick and extensive-looking warfare simulator game with two sides (Russia and US). 200+ military units and really detailed combat simulation.

So there you have it – another 10 games to check out. As if it wasn’t hard enough! Be sure to give those you like a try and wishlist them. That always helps out the creators of the demos.

Modern game marketing as an indie studio is like having your eyes poked out with sharp sticks every day :-). So getting some love at an event like NextFest really does warm the heart!

Any other games we should be shouting out? Ping us on social media, and we’ll try to include them in the next round! We’ll also be streaming some demo play on Twitch – so follow us there!

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