Steam NextFest is a Wrap – Thank you to everyone!

Steam NextFest ended on Monday this week, and we’re all recovering from the hard work and fun we had during the week! Mafia pigs saw more players than ever before, and it was wonderful to share the spotlight with so many other great games!

Having the event also meant we pushed hard to get to a stable and polished version of the game. The marketing department also had to do double time to improve trailers and all the other game information. See the trailer here :-).

The Mafia Pigs demo will be up until SUNDAY 19th of FEBRUARY (not just Friday, 17th as previously planned), so you still have some days to play (please do!).

After that, we will be moving back to an Alpha playtest. You can sign up and get keys via either the mailing list (here) or the game discord (here)!

More news on what’s next coming soon.

Thank you to all the players, content creators, and supporters. It’s been epic :-)!

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