Mafia Pigs Announcement : Ready to Fly!

The Mafia Pigs are coming – Free Game Launch Next Wednesday!

We’ve been hard at work crafting and polishing Mafia Pigs after all the great feedback we received from Steam NextFest. Now it’s time; the revised game will go live as a free game on Steam next Wednesday (19th April, 2023). Mark your calendars! (You can sign up for the game mailing list at to get notified!)

We’re super excited to reveal the new gameplay twists we’ve added and polished.

Changes to the game include: 

  • A new solo play level
  • A revised “Heist Royale” multiplayer competitive mode: you can now out-smart your friends to steal the most valuable prize in the game – the Golden Acorn – and then extract. 
  • New traps allow players to fool each other and get an advantage in the environment.
  • Revised controls make getting around the level a breeze

Check out these changes when it all goes live on Wednesday. Get ready for some “shocking” gameplay!

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