Mafia Pigs is Live!!

Mafia Pigs Lift Off!! We’re Live! Thanks to everyone for all the support! Mafia Pigs is now Free on Steam for Mac & PC. Go and grab yourself a copy and get playing! The game is a heist caper in which you can play up to 6 players online (don’t worry, there is single-player modeContinue reading “Mafia Pigs is Live!!”

Mafia Pigs Announcement : Ready to Fly!

The Mafia Pigs are coming – Free Game Launch Next Wednesday! We’ve been hard at work crafting and polishing Mafia Pigs after all the great feedback we received from Steam NextFest. Now it’s time; the revised game will go live as a free game on Steam next Wednesday (19th April, 2023). Mark your calendars! (YouContinue reading “Mafia Pigs Announcement : Ready to Fly!”

Fasten your Seatbelts: We’re headed to Steam Next Fest / Feb 2023!!!

Everyone get their rubber pants on, and earplugs secure because the flight is already in the air: Mafia Pigs is on its way to Steam Next Fest, Feb 2023 Edition!!! Next Fest is one of the world’s greatest showcases for Indie games (thank you, Steam!), and it’s a daunting challenge for us to participate in.Continue reading “Fasten your Seatbelts: We’re headed to Steam Next Fest / Feb 2023!!!”