Mafia Pigs is Live!!

Mafia Pigs Lift Off!! We’re Live! Thanks to everyone for all the support! Mafia Pigs is now Free on Steam for Mac & PC. Go and grab yourself a copy and get playing! The game is a heist caper in which you can play up to 6 players online (don’t worry, there is single-player modeContinue reading “Mafia Pigs is Live!!”

Mafia Pigs Announcement : Ready to Fly!

The Mafia Pigs are coming – Free Game Launch Next Wednesday! We’ve been hard at work crafting and polishing Mafia Pigs after all the great feedback we received from Steam NextFest. Now it’s time; the revised game will go live as a free game on Steam next Wednesday (19th April, 2023). Mark your calendars! (YouContinue reading “Mafia Pigs Announcement : Ready to Fly!”

Fasten your Seatbelts: We’re headed to Steam Next Fest / Feb 2023!!!

Everyone get their rubber pants on, and earplugs secure because the flight is already in the air: Mafia Pigs is on its way to Steam Next Fest, Feb 2023 Edition!!! Next Fest is one of the world’s greatest showcases for Indie games (thank you, Steam!), and it’s a daunting challenge for us to participate in.Continue reading “Fasten your Seatbelts: We’re headed to Steam Next Fest / Feb 2023!!!”

Announcing the Mafia Pigs Alpha Program: Starting November 1st!

Today we’re super excited to announce our first digital game: Mafia Pigs. Enter a dynamic world of stealth, heists and dirty deeds in order to save your friends from the big bad boss. Team up with up to four other players or play single player and succeed using a combination of stealth, persuasion and, whenContinue reading “Announcing the Mafia Pigs Alpha Program: Starting November 1st!”