Press Kit :: Steam Next Fest / February 2023

Mafia Pigs

Timewarp Inc.


The Mafia needs you: compete in the ultimate heist to prove you have what it takes! Mafia Pigs is an online competitive heist game in which up to X players sneak and shenanigan their way to the grand prize. Loot treasure along the way and set up your opponents for a fall!

Player-on-Player violence isn’t allowed, but mischief is guaranteed. Use tricks, traps, distractions, and the rich environment to get one over on the other heist competitors. Use tricks, traps, distractions, and the rich environment to get one over on the other heist competitors. Grab loot from under other people’s noses, pickpocket them while they are busy, or bring down the guards’ wrath on them!


Mafia Pigs Demo Trailer – January 2023

The Studio

Timewarp Inc. is a new independent games studio with a small remote team based in Austin, Barcelona, and Prague. The team is passionate about creating social experiences through play and unleashing the talent of creators.

Key Features

  • Quirky animal world
  • Distinctive graphics
  • 2D Topdown gameplay
  • Use the environment to win
  • Playmodes: Single player, Online Multiplayer (up to 6 players) in competitive mode, and cooperative mode (cooperative not in the current demo)
  • Level and scenario editor (not in current demo)

Screenshots (Early Alpha version: updates coming)

All Screenshots ZIP file: v0.1

Fact Sheet

Developer: Timewarp Inc. Austin, Texas, USA.

Steam Page:

Release Date: Summer 2023 into Early Access

What is it? Take one part Among Us, one part Hitman, one part Hunt Showdown, and mix with Cartoon Humor to get a unique gameplay experience!

Genre: Multiplayer Action, Heist, Single Player PvE and online PvP

Platforms: Steam PC/Mac initially


Pricing: To be announced

Demo Keys: please reach out to [email protected]

Get in touch

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please reach out at [email protected]. We can also jump on a quick call or a stream to chat about the project.

Please also reach out if you’d like Steam demo keys.

Talking Points

“A competitive arena game which isn’t based around killing your friends”

“Funky, edgy art style – is it completely Safe For Work?”

“Still a pretty early concept, but completely playable”

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